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FLU vaccine.. What you should know and why is it a good idea to take it?

FLU vaccine or influenza vaccine, commonly called the “FLU SHOTS” helps reducing the chance of becoming sick with viruses that cause influenza which come with the change of seasons.
India has a bimodal peak of influenza or FLU.
One in rains and other during winters after diwali.
In India, usually around fifty thousand people die to flu like illness or complications arising out of flu infections.
This can be prevented by vaccinations.

Who and when should we take FLU vaccine?

Anybody above the age of six months should be recommended to take the flu vaccine.
Every year the viruses change (mutate). Hence, it\’s important to take the vaccine with the new strains every year.
Older adults, pregnant women, very young children, those with certain chronic medical conditions like diabetes heart diseases or immunocompromised states, health care workers and caregivers should definitely take the vaccine every year.

How Effective Is the FLU vaccine?

The effectiveness of flu vaccination varies each year depending on the types of actively circulating influenza viruses, the match between the virus and the flu vaccine, and the age and health of people exposed.
It has been estimated that flu vaccination prevented lakhs of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths in US.
There are no similar studies in India. However, flu vaccine will definitely prevent illnesses in India at well.

Is the FLU Vaccine Safe?

The inactivated, recombinant, and live-attenuated, which are the different types of vaccines available in the market, are all very safe.
The most common side effect from intramuscular {IM} vaccination is SORENESS, SWELLING or PAIN at the injection site.
People with very severe egg allergies may opt for the recombinant or live-attenuated influenza vaccine or an inactivated influenza vaccine while under close monitoring by a medical practitioner.