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Festival season is round the corner with NAVRATRI and DIWALI festivities urging people to step out.
It\’s been almost seven months since India went into lockdown.
Now that large part of the country is under the unlock phase, people are slowly returning to normal life with covid or Corona virus restrictions on their lives.
In public places many of us are prompted to wear FACE MASKS and take adequate social distancing due to many jurisdictions and community awareness.
However, in private places many covid cases are appearing when people are meeting their near and dear ones for festivities.
Small social gatherings temporarily increased the covid cases in Mumbai during the August and September Ganesh festival.
It\’s important for all of us to not let our guard down during the festival celebrations.
We should avoid any gatherings in our houses albeit even if its amongst our own close family relatives or cousins.
A mask can protect you from contracting the VIRUS.
When in private, we need to take the same precautions that we take in public to prevent the spurt in the pandemic.
This means family members have to sit and interact at a distance and wearing masks inside the house.
When eating without masks on, family members may need to sit farther apart to prevent the spread of the virus.
HOLIDAYS are known to be transmission events and so we have to be careful in private as we are in public areas.
Enjoy your holidays.
Stay safe.